3M90 3M Spray review

Product category: Adhesive Spray
Brand: 3M
3M90 3M Spray is a fast-drying, high-strength adhesive with the ability to bond with a number of materials permanently in only a few minutes. But, when applying the thin layer of adhesive 3M90 3M Spray provides, can it actually bond as strongly as is advertised? Let’s talk about it.

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SaleBestseller No. 1
3M Spray Trim Adhesive, 08074, 16.8 oz Nt Wt
  • Spray-on adhesive attaches lightweight trim materials
  • Dries to a low profile clear color
  • Recommended as an adhesive for positioning applications
  • Creates a secure bond on impervious metal surfaces
  • May be used to bond styrene
SaleBestseller No. 2
3M Performance Spray Gun Starter Kit, 26778, Includes PPS 2.0 Paint Spray Cup System, 15 Replaceable Gravity HVLP Atomizing Heads, Air Control Valve
  • PRECISION SPRAY PERFORMANCE: Delivers high transfer efficiency, a large adjustable fan pattern with smooth trigger pull
  • KIT INCLUDES: 1 Spray Gun, 15 Gravity HVLP Atomizing Heads, 3M PPS Series 2.0 Spray Cup with 5 lids and liners
  • REPLACEABLE NOZZLES: 5 each of quick-change replaceable atomizing heads in size 1.2, 1.3, 1.4; it’s like getting a brand-new spray gun with every new nozzle
  • PAINT SAVINGS: Superior transfer efficiency, with up to 26% less material waste than leading metal spray guns, you can mix less paint with the same or better coverage
  • SPRAY A FULL RANGE OF AUTOMOTIVE COATINGS: Including solid colors, pearls, metallics, clearcoats, sealers and primers
Bestseller No. 3
3Maa7|#3M 90-24 Spray Adhesive, 17.60 Oz , 12per Case
  • Convenient, fast, high contact-bond strength
  • Low soak-in keeps more adhesive on the surface to provide better coverage
  • High heat resistance maintains bond strength even after extended exposure to heat
  • Precise spray control and variable spray width makes it easy to apply
SaleBestseller No. 4
3M N95 Respirator, VFlex Particulate Respirator 9105, Disposable, Sweeping, Sanding, Grinding, Sawing, Bagging, Dust, 50/Box
  • NIOSH APPROVED N95: For at least 95% filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles like dust
  • COMFORTABLE: V-shaped pleats expand to provide a comfortable seal while giving you a spacious feel
  • EASY POSITIONING: The tabs on the side are designed as handles for easy positioning of the respirator on your face to achieve a comfortable fit
  • SECURE SEAL: Adjustable nose clip helps provide a custom and secure seal
  • EASIER TALKING: The unique embossed ‘V’ shapes on the front panel are designed to keep filter media away from your mouth. The pleats flex with mouth movement for easier talking
Bestseller No. 5
3M Accuspray Paint Spray Gun System with PPS 2.0, 26580, Standard, 22 Ounces, Use for Cars, Furniture, Cabinets and More, 1 Paint Gun,1 Paint Cup,5 Disposable Lids and Liners,5 Nozzles,3 Sealing Plugs
  • ONE GUN FOR ALL PAINT SPRAY NEEDS – 3M Accuspray handheld HVLP paint gun works with PPS 2. 0 disposable lids, liners and nozzles to measure, mix, filter and spray a variety of paint materials
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE PAINT SPRAY KIT – Includes 1 AccuPark spray gun, 5 nozzles (1. 2 mm, 1. 3 mm, 1. 4 mm, 1. 8 mm, 2. 0 mm), 1 plastic paint cup, 5 disposable lids with integrated locking collar (4 with 200-micron filter, 1 with 125-micron filter), 5 disposable liners and 3 sealing plugs. Air compressor and hose coupler not included
  • IMPROVED LID DESIGN – PPS 2. 0 lids feature an integrated quarter-turn locking collar, which helps eliminate cross-threading and paint buildup, as well as a new domed shape that holds up to 3 ounces of material below the filter, reducing sputter and improving spray performance
  • REUSABLE PAINT CUP – PPS 2. 0 reusable hard plastic paint cup features printed-on universal mixing ratios and a clear access window so you can easily see the paint and remove the lid and liner
  • VARIETY OF MATERIALS – The different nozzle options allow you to spray paints, stains, varnishes, basecoats, undercoats, primers, sealers, clear coats, gelcoats, spray able adhesives and more
3M90 3M Spray is one of the easiest industrial-strength adhesives to use. Without the need for any brushes or spatulas, it sprays directly onto whatever surface is being glued quickly, cleanly, and easily. Bond time can be as little as 15 seconds and as long as 30 minutes, a significantly shorter dry time than most other high-strength industrial adhesives. It is considered to be an essential product in many factories and other industrial settings. It both sprays and dries clear and creates very little mess, making it an ideal adhesive for a wide range of projects. 

What 3M90 3M Spray Can Bond With

3M90 3M Spray works best for construction projects such as HVAC, office partitions, and insulations. Therefore, 3M90 3M Spray bonds most strongly with materials such as laminates, wood, MDF, polypropylene, metal, rubber, paper, concrete, fabric, and plastic. Though it is recommended for industrial and professional use, 3M90 3M Spray can also be used for some at-home projects such as shelving, mounting displays, installing acoustic panels, and picture framing, though it is not recommended for other projects such as tiling. Only use at home if you have experience with industrial adhesives. 3M90 3M Spray is both moisture and high-temperature resistant, meaning it can withstand many indoor and outdoor conditions without losing its adhesive properties.

How to Remove 3M90 3M Spray 

Read This Before Buying 3M90 3M Spray

3M90 3M Spray is an aerosol spray and therefore highly flammable, so keep away from any fire or excessive heat. Once 3M90 3M Spray is applied it can withstand temperatures as high as 122°F/50°C but it cannot withstand those temperatures while in the can, it will explode, so make sure it is kept in a cool, dry area in order to avoid injury.

Other Important Safety Warnings for 3M90 3M Spray

3M90 3M Spray is a hazardous substance and should be kept out of reach of children. Only spray in a well-ventilated area. If inhaled, the adhesive can cause respiratory irritation, drowsiness, dizziness, infertility, or even suffocation. A mask is not necessary to wear while using 3M90 3M Spray so long as you don’t get too close to the spray and only spray in well-ventilated areas.
3M90 3M Spray is an excellent industrial adhesive that is quick, easy to use, and perfect for repairs on a number of industrial and professional projects. Caution must be used when applying 3M90 3M Spray, but basic common sense will ensure safety when using this great product.
Stay calm, get outside as quickly as possible, and take deep breaths of fresh air. If you don’t feel well, seek medical attention. If after several minutes of breathing the clean air you feel okay, you can continue as you were before.
Immediately after using 3M90 3M Spray, clean the nozzle with a damp rag in order to keep it from clogging. 3M90 3M Spray dries super quickly, so if this step is skipped, the nozzle will likely clog.
Yes, 3M90 3M Spray can bond heavy-weight items together, no problem!
No, 3M90 3M Spray is not waterproof, nor is it water-resistant. It is moisture-resistant, so it is best for indoor projects where it won’t come into much, or any, contact with water.
Contact your local waste management and ask how to dispose of aerosol cans in your area.

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