Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue review

Product category: Fabric Glue
Brand: Aleene’s
Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue makes gluing felt and foam, two very difficult materials to glue, a piece of cake. A staple for many crafters, cosplayers, and clothing makers, Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue has an excellent reputation. So does it live up to its reputation? Let’s discuss.

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SaleBestseller No. 1
Aleene's Felt and Foam Tacky Glue, 4 FL OZ, Original Version, 4 FL OZ
  • Instant grab and dries strong
  • Thick formula that is never runny
  • Available in a 4oz bottle (118mL)
  • Find inspiration and techniques
SaleBestseller No. 2
Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue 4oz
  • Clear Gel is environmentally safe; Water cleanup
  • For maximum adhesion, wait approximately 30 seconds before adhering item to be glued to surface
  • Available in 4oz bottle
  • Perfect for creating your own DIY slime
SaleBestseller No. 3
Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue, 4 FL OZ - 3 Pack, Multi
  • Premium all-purpose adhesive
  • Versatile and durable
  • Nontoxic but super strong
  • Dries permanent and clear
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water before drying
Bestseller No. 4
Aleenes Tacky Glue Craft Glue - 4-Ounce, Aleenes Original Tacky Glue, Quick Dry Tacky Glue, All Purpose Precision Craft Glue, Pixiss Wooden Art Dotting Stylus Pens 5 pcs
  • Incredibly Versatile - Aleenes Tacky Glue all-purpose formula holds items on contact and permanently adheres a variety of surfaces including felt, foam, wood, metal, paper products, and other nonwashable fabrics and ceramics.
  • Dries Crystal Clear - Aleenes Tacky Glue ultra-tacky, It starts off white as you apply it to your product but it dries crystal clear and does not yellow over time making it the perfect option for a variety of products.
  • Dotting Stylus Tools - 5pc wood handle Pixiss art dotting stylus for pottery, clay, sculpting, nail art, paiting, blending, molding, marbling, swirls, rhinestones and more. Perfect for all sorts of working conditions.
  • Safe - Safe, nontoxic and low odor. Great for kids' crafts, DIY and hobby projects, household repairs and more.Cleans up easily with soap and water before drying.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Aleene's Always Ready Tacky Glue, 4 oz, Original
  • Dries clear and flexible
  • Water cleanup
  • Available in 4fl oz. bottle with cap stand
  • Find inspiration and techniques
It’s pretty easy to guess what sorts of things Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue can adhere to just based on the name alone. However, it can glue more than just felt and foam alone. It also works really, really well on chenille stems, glitter, pompoms, and feathers, making it a glue that can be used easily in several ways of decorating garments. It’s also perfect for these applications because it is thick and never runny, meaning the user has more control over where the glue goes with less risk of it getting onto unwanted pieces of fabric.

Aleene's Felt & Foam Tacky Glue vs. Regular Fabric Glue

Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue is a great addition to any garment-making toolkit. It’s important to have Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue and regular fabric glue as each can bond with things that the other can’t. Most fabric glues cannot bond with felt and foam, or if they do the bond is weak. But Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue can bond very strongly with both, even Styrofoam, which is a difficult substance to glue in the garment-making work. And while Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue can bond with some fabric, it doesn’t bond with most very well, which is why it is important to have a fabric glue as well.

How to Best Apply Aleene's Felt & Foam Tacky Glue

What Not to Do with Aleene's Felt & Foam Tacky Glue

While Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue is permanent, it is unfortunately not washable. Because it is a water-soluble adhesive, water will weaken its bonding power, so anything you adhere to while using it will come off if the garment goes in the wash.

Be Cautious with Aleene's Felt & Foam Tacky Glue

Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue is great for adhering all the materials listed previously, but there are some caveats. For example, it does not bond styrofoam and styrofoam together very well and it also will not bond felt to materials like metal and denim very well either. This is something to be aware of as other fabric glues may be able to get certain jobs done better.
Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue is a wonderful fabric adhesive for very specific materials that other fabric glues can’t handle. It is inexpensive and a great tool to have on hand for any and all garment makers out there.
While Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue is non-toxic it is never a good idea to risk it when it comes to your pets, so if you have a felt pet toy that needs fixing, it’s safer to just use good old fashioned needle and thread.
Yes, Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue will bond felt to tulle really well, just keep in mind that it is not washable.
Yes, Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue is made with no animal products and is not tested on animals, so it is vegan friendly.
Yes, Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue will work great bonding felt to ribbon, just don’t wash them after and the bond will hold.
No, if properly cleaned when it gets somewhere it’s not supposed to, it will not leave a stain.
Woman using a gluestick x
Woman using a gluestick

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