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Product category: Repair Glue
Brand: Bao Jiesi
B-7000 is an industrial-strength adhesive most commonly used to repair electronics such as smartphones and tablets, but it can also be used in other applications such as crafting, jewelry making, and making and repairing toys. But is it actually as good for those applications as it advertises? Let’s find out.

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Bestseller No. 1
MatTA B-7000 15ML Adhesive Multi-Function Glues,Super Glue Suitable for Phone Screen Repair,Wooden,Jewelery, 0.5 oz,2 Pack
  • ★adhesive Multi Purpose : Self leveling Adhesive with High Elasticity for SmartPhone, Tablet, Electronic Components, Jewelry
  • ★NEEDLE DESIGN:can be opened after use, won't get gagging..Allows Small Adhesive drops for fine, Precise , Controlled and no mess Applications.sealed and isolated gas, liquid, air flow, in the underwater environment with plastic long-term to maintain excellent bonding strength.
  • ★APPEARANCE: Semi-transparent floating body Surace drying time: 2 - 5 Minutes.at 10 degrees to 28 degrees of preservation
  • ★Solid Content: 30% - 35% After Curing Hardness: 65 - 80A
  • ★When it is used, it is fixed, and the two adherends are aligned and glued with a little pressure. If you can, please tie it up with a rubber band and wait for a minute or two. After 48 hours to achieve the best bonding strength. Please cover the bottle cap when not in use.
Bestseller No. 2
B7000 Jewelry Rhinestones Glue, Cludoo 5PCS B-7000 Clear Super Glue Transparent Industrial Adhesive for Phone Repair Jewelery Making Crafts Gem Fabric Metal Nail Art Stone Wood Glass (5PCS 0.5fl.oz)
  • 📈【 Waterproof Transparency B-7000 Glue】The package contains 5 pcs 15ml/0.5fl.oz B 7000 glue,Cludoo B-7000 rhinestone glue for crafts can isolate gas, liquid and airflow, full transparency, waterproof and highly elastic craft jewelry glue dries clear with a clean and gloss finish, Cludoo clear glue won’t turn yellow over time.
  • 📈【Anti-clogging Cap & Ultra Fine Tips】The tube of B7000 glue clear for rhinestones is a nozzle design, super repair glue with needle designed cap prevents clogging, and the cap has a pin in it so the craft glue never gets dried out and can be used at any time. The ultra-fine tip allows small Industrial adhesive drops for fine, precise, controlled and mess-free applications.
  • 📈【Durable and Firmly】Compared with other fabric glue, B7000 transparent adhesive can be more durable and stick more firmly, B-7000 bead glue can be stretched to its own length of 900% and will not break, effectively bonding with the expansion of the material with the surface, improving the durability of the load-bearing structure.
  • 📈 【Multi-Purpose B7000 Adhesive Glue】Compared to other glues, the B7000 craft glue can permanently bond various materials, which is great for jewelry making, nails art, phone repair, electronic accessories, toys repair, metal, glass, cloth, leather, rubber, fibre, paper, ceramics, wood, textile, nylon, PVC, or other crafts repair purposes.
  • 📈 【Convenient to Use】Clean the surface, After the surface is evenly coated, press or clamp the product. The surface drying time is 5-10 minutes, the complete curing time is 24 hours, the optimal curing time is 48 hours, and the hardness after curing is 65-80a. Semi-transparent floating body Solid Content: 30%-35%.Warmly Tips: Keep the B-7000 super glue away from the children.
Bestseller No. 3
Rhinestones for Crafts with B-7000 Glue, 4000 Flatback Rhinestones with 2Pcs 25ml Glue for Rhinestones, 1 Wax Pencil for Rhinestones, 5 Dotting Tools for DIY Nail Art, Makeup
  • 【Perfect Rhinestone Kit】: These rhinestones for crafts contains 2 boxes colored flatback rhinestones(total 2400pcs), 1 boxes clear flatback rhinestones(total 1600pcs-6sizes), 2 pcs 25ml glue for rhinestones, 1 wax pencil for rhinestones, 5 dotting tools, 1 tweezers and 1 tray.
  • 【Crystal Clear】: These rhinestones for crafts are made of premium crystal glass material with beautiful facets and premium silver backing, can be applied to just about any surface, crystal clear and sparkling.
  • 【Charming Clear & Colored Rhinestones】: Clear color is one of the most classic colors in rhinestones for crafts. Make the rhinestones shine like diamond. Colored flatback rhinestones are bright in various colors and can be adapted to jewelry, clothes, shoes, bags of various colors or to create a variety of nail art styles, making you more elegant and charming.
  • 【Big-capacity & Multi-purpose Glue】: 2 pcs 25 ml B-7000 glue adopts anti-clogging needle cap design, which has the function of high viscosity, high elasticity, non-toxic and self-leveling. Glue for rhinestones is not only suitable for rhinestone kit, but also very suitable for bonding handicrafts, repairing daily necessities, etc.
  • 【Functional & Practical Tool】: Wax pencil help you pick up rhinestones easily; 5 dotting tools in different sizes provide you more options for glue widths when applying glue; open design tray make recycling diamonds easier and no more spilling out. Every tool has its important role. Practical and convenient!
Bestseller No. 4
B-7000 Super Glue, Industrial Strength Adhesive B7000 Glues Paste for Rhinestones Crafts, Clothes Shoes, Fabric, Jewelry Making, Cell Phones, Tablet, Wood, Rubber, Leather Textile (2x50 ml/2.1 oz)
  • ✅Why Choose B7000 Tacky Glue? ✅ B-7000 rhinestone glue can isolate gas, liquid and air flow, which is transparent, waterproof and highly elastic. The flexible jewelry glue can be stretched without breaking and is extremely durable. Moreover, the semi fluid transparent glue dries crystal clear and rock hard. It is great for gluing crystals and metal to metal jewelry components alike, also suitable for DIY a variety of handwork jewelry and hand craft to make personal style jewelry.
  • ✅Easy to apply, Built-in Tip✅ Tube of clear gel glue is nozzle design, it has a precision open needle top for pin point application. Plus, the cap has a pin in it so the craft glue never gets dried out and is always ready for use. Moreover, the rhinestone glue dries out crystal clear and rock hard. It is great for gluing crystals and metal to metal jewelry components alike.
  • ✅Multi-Function B7000 Adhesive Glue✅ B7000 Glue can permanently adhere a variety of materials, which is great self-leveling adhesive for jewelry making, acrylic nails art, toys repair, phones screen, tablet, small electronic components (like Bluetooth headsets), metal, glass, leather, rubber, fiber, paper, ceramics, wood, cloth, textile, nylon, PVC, leather, household uses and other crafts repair purposes. Allows Small Adhesive drops for fine, precise, controlled and no mess Applications.
  • ✅How To Use? ✅ The solid content of 30%-35% and strong adhesion allow Cruzix jewelry glue to adhere to more surfaces than silicone, acrylic and rubber glues. When use it, just apply fabric glue evenly on the surface of the pieces, then apply a little pressure to make it glue, and wait at least 24 hours to fully cure. Warmly Tips: when use it, please keep clean of the surface, and store the b7000 glue away from the children.
  • ✅Friendly Service✅ When you receive the B7000 craft adhesive super glue was damaged or some accessories were missing, please do not hesitate to contact us, we promise that we can help you solve the problem within 24 hours.
Bestseller No. 5
B7000 Clear Glue for Diamond Jewelry, 5 PCS Jewelry Bead B-7000 Glue with Precision Tips Rhinestone Applicator Tools Set Fabric Glue Strength Adhesive for Nail Art DIY Crafts Clothes Shoes Bags
  • ✅Strong Glue & Easy to Use Tool✅ Craft clear adhesive B-7000 glue set comes with helpful tools for better bonding, you will get 5 pcs 15ml B-7000 tacky glue, tweezers and wax pencil, 5 different double-side dotting tools, small containers. Great for using on a variety of craft projects and quickly pick up the small craft jewelry like stones, rhinestones, jewelry and place them with little effort.
  • ✅Multipurpose B7000 jewelry glue✅ Jollidecor B-7000 clear glue perfect for rhinestone, phone repair, tablet, jewelry decoration, toys, metal, glass, rubber, fabric, paper, ceramics, wood, cloth, textile, nylon, PVC, leather, and other materials. Unique designed with precision tip, clear adhesive glue in fine, precise, controlled with mess-free manners. The craft glue is high elasticity, will not break after stretching by 900%, takes 6-10 minutes to dry, total drying takes 24 hours.
  • ✅Practical Nail Art Dotting Tools Set✅ Come with 5 different sizes acrylic art dotting stylus tool (0.5/ 1.0/ 2.0/ 2.5/ 3.0mm), stainless steel metal balls and plastic handle, every dotting pen with 2 different ends. Suitable for various crafts and meeting all your needs. For nail art, embossing, making dots, natural nails, false nails, acrylic nails shading, and precision writing, etc. Perfect for professional or personal use, great for both professional nail specialists or nail art learners.
  • ✅How to Use? ✅ Slow drying glue with high elasticity and strong stickiness, which makes you have enough time for minor adjustments even craft glue is applied. When use it, just apply fabric glue evenly on the surface of the pieces, then apply a little pressure to make it glue. The drying time is 6-10 minutes, dry totally after 24 hours. It dries clear with a crystal clear and gloss finish, won’t yellow, strong adhesive and waterproof.
  • ☎Reliable After-sales Service☎ if you have any issues with B7000 glue for jewelry making tools set, please do not hesitate to contact us, we promise that we can solve the problem within 24 hours. Warmly Tips: Please keep out of reach of children. Adhesive bonds to eye and skin in seconds. Get immediate medical attention for eye contact, and rinse the water immediately.
B-7000 is an epoxy resin adhesive, meaning it is very flexible and can be easily peeled off surfaces without the need for any chemicals to dissolve it and without damaging the surfaces. It has a fine tip, so it is difficult to accidentally put too much, making it easy to apply to small surfaces, and its thicker viscosity makes it ideal for precise, small-scale applications. The adhesive is transparent and will set in just 3-6 minutes with full curing time being about 24-48 hours, depending on how much is used. After it cures completely, it has anti-vibration and waterproof properties.

What B-7000 Can Bond With

B-7000, while used for very specific projects, bonds best with a number of materials, including ceramic, glass, metal, wood, and plastic. While those materials will yield the strongest bonds, B-7000 will also bond with other surfaces, such as bamboo, paper, cardboard, leather, rubber, stone, neoprene, and fabric very well. B-7000 can also bond with both smooth and porous surfaces, so long as they are clean, dry, and free of any dust upon application. This glue is best for minor repairs of things like computers, smartphones, jewelry, and toys. It is not suitable for bigger projects like tiling and construction and likely would not hold its bond.   

How to Fix a Touchscreen with B-7000

Do Not Confuse B-7000 with Other Adhesives

There are other 7000 glues, so do not confuse B-7000 with T-7000, especially if you plan to use B-7000 for electronic repairs as B-7000 is transparent in color and T-7000 is black. Just because they are both 7000 does not make them interchangeable and they are labeled differently for a reason.

Be Careful When Using B-7000

When B-7000 is dry, it is completely safe to humans, so long as it is not ingested. But when B-7000 is wet it can emit fumes, particularly when heated, which are toxic to humans. This is due to the epoxy content within the adhesive, which contains solvents. It is advised to either use gloves while handling it or wash your hands immediately after use. Additionally, B-7000 is extremely toxic to marine life, so avoid squeezing the tube down the drain and killing all the fish, please.
B-7000 is an excellent adhesive for all your tech, jewelry, and toy repairs. Its fine tip, transparent color, medium viscosity, and strong bonding abilities make it one of the best adhesives on the market for small-scale projects.
Yes, B-7000 can repair shoes as it bonds with rubber and leather very well. As previously discussed, rubber and leather are not on the list of things B-7000 bonds with the best, but they were on the list of things that it still bonds with strongly.
B-7000 can be removed from most surfaces using acetone. Any excess B-7000 you need to be removed can be done so by simply applying acetone to the area and then using a bit of friction to wipe away the adhesive.
Yes, 100%. And not only that, but it is more flexible, meaning it will likely last longer than a regular super glue due to its ability to resist becoming embrittled.
B-7000 will generally set within 3-4 hours of application, but for a full cure, that can take upwards of 24 hours, if not more, depending on how much was used.
B-7000 will last as long as 16 months if stored in a dry, room temperature area. While freezing and thawing the glue likely will not completely ruin its adhesive properties, it is still advised that B-7000 should always be kept at room temperature for best performance.
Woman using a gluestick
Woman using a gluestick

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