Beacon Quick Grip review

Product category: Adhesive Spray
Brand: Beacon Adhesives
Beacon Quick Grip is a permanent, all-purpose adhesive that can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects as it is completely water and weatherproof. That combined with its super-fast dry time, it has become a very popular super glue. But is it as good as people make it out to be? Let’s find out.

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Bestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 2
Beacon Quick Grip, 2-Ounce Tube, 12-Pack
  • This super strong adhesive is perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects
  • Water and weather proof, flexible and paintable when dry
  • For use on plastics, wood, paper, metal, fabrics, leather, ceramics, and more
  • Made in USA
  • Contains one 2 ounce tube
Bestseller No. 3
Beacon Quick Grip Minis, 6 Tube Bag, 1-Pack
  • Great for indoor & outdoor projects
  • Bonds ceramics, concrete, fabrics, glas, leather, plastic, rubber, wood
  • Super Strong
  • Fast Drying
  • Weatherproof & Waterproof
SaleBestseller No. 4
BEACON Glue & Adhesive Quick Grip Glue Precision Tip 1oz, 1 oz
  • Quick Grip Glue Precision Tip 1 Oz- The Super Glue Replacement Is Crystal Clear, With A Quick Grab That Dries In Minutes, Is Permanent, Acid-Free, And Won'T Bond To Skin
  • Beacon Glues And Adhesives Are Renowned For Their Strength, Reliability And Versatility
  • There'S A Quality Beacon Product For Almost Any Purpose Or Project
  • Product Dimension: 3.63"L X 1.02"W X 7.38"H
Bestseller No. 5
Beacon Adhesives Quick Grip Glue
  • Quick Grab
  • Dries Fast to A Tack Free, Crystal Clear Finish
  • Water and Weather Proof
  • Flexible and Paintable
  • Made In USA
Beacon Quick Grip can bond with a number of materials including ceramic, rubber, plastics, concrete, fabric, leather, wood, glass, and rubber. When applied it doesn’t foam and its bonding starts within several seconds of being applied and it will dry fully in just 10 minutes. When it is dry Beacon Quick Grip is clear, flexible, paintable, it doesn’t expand, and it doesn’t yellow. Not only that but it doesn’t bond with skin, so the use of harsh chemicals to remove Beacon Quick Grip won’t be necessary if it comes into contact with skin.

What Can Beacon Quick Grip Be Used For?

There is a wide range of projects you can do with Beacon Quick Grip. Their Pinterest board alone has more than 500 ideas to help get you started, but some of the highlights include things like home DIY projects, felt glue for classroom decorations, general crafting, costume making, dollhouse construction, toy repairs, wreath making, and even some jewelry repair. Beacon Quick Grip is an incredibly versatile adhesive and one that is definitely good to have around the house for whatever you may need it for.  

Applying Beacon Quick Grip

Beacon Quick Grip and Safety

Beacon Quick Grip, in both its liquid form and its vapors, is very flammable. It is of the utmost importance that it is kept away from open flames, sparks, hot surfaces, or any kind of excessive heat. Once dry, Beacon Quick Grip is no longer flammable.

Beacon Quick Grip's Toxicity

Beacon Quick Grip is a toxic substance as it contains solvents and should not be inhaled, ingested, or come into contact with the eyes or skin. If Beacon Quick Grip is inhaled, immediately seek fresh air and start taking deep breaths. Seek medical attention if asthma-like symptoms occur. If ingested, rinse your mouth and immediately seek medical attention. If it comes into contact with your eyes, remove any contact lenses and flush them for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if irritation persists. Keep out of reach of children.
Beacon Quick Grip is an excellent all-purpose adhesive for its strong, permanent bond, quick drying time, and water and weatherproof characteristics. Beacon Quick Grip should definitely be a glue you have on hand around your house for everyday projects.
If it is still wet Beacon Quick Grip can be removed easily with acetone. If dry, acetone may help, but it will likely need to be scraped off.
Beacon Quick Grip is not the best for withstanding a lot of weight, so while it can and will bond with the heavy ceramic, it likely would not hold for a long period of time. It can be used as a short-term repair, however.
Beacon Quick Grip does have an odor as it contains solvents, but it is not overly strong and it has no odor at all once dry.
Yes, Beacon Quick Grip would work great for adhering carpet to concrete. The small tube wouldn’t do very well for a whole floor, but it can certainly help you patch things up.
Yes, Beacon Quick Grip can absolutely bond leather to plastic. If the plastic surface is very smooth, then it may be a good idea to roughen it up a little before application to ensure the strongest possible bond.
Woman using a gluestick
Woman using a gluestick

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