How to get nail glue off skin

When nail glue gets on skin, it can feel like it is impossible to get off. Nail glue is super strong, and you can hurt yourself if you pick at it. But never fear, three are several ways to get nail glue off your skin that won’t irritate your skin. Here is how to remove nail glue from your skin.

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  • [Safe and Quick Glue Remover] - The glue off with wooden sticks help to remove stick on nails, press on nails, or artificial nails in minutes. No need to soak in acetone; no need for long-time filing, and thus causes no damage to your skin around natural nails, and will not hurt your natural nails with rough filing or pulling false nails off.
  • [Versatile and Nail Tech Must Have Supplies] - The glue remover can not only dissolve nail glue for fingernail extension but also remove regular nail polish, super glue and some stains by a marker pen. Simple and efficient accessories for starters DIY nail art design at home and professional nail technicians in nail salons, and other use than manicures or pedicures.
  • [Warm Tips to Make Nails Stronger and Durable] 1. File the natural nails in one-way way in nail prepping. Don't file back and forth Multi-directionally. 2. Roughen the underneath of fake nails to fortify the gripping force. 3. apply a thin layer of the nail glue on natural nails before you glue on the fake nails. 4. Press the nails and prevent bubbles around all corners, especially the cuticle part.
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Makartt Nail Glue Remover 30ML 1 PC Glue off for Press on Nails-Easy Apply Easy Remove Quick Glue Remover,Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover, Not for Gel-base Glue or Gel Nail Polish
  • [Versatile and Quick Nail Glue Remover] - This glue remover not only dissolves regular nail glue, but also removes regular nail polish, nail adhesion tapes for press on nails, super glue, and some stains from marker pens.Warm tips-it can't remove any gel-base product like gel glue, gel nail polish or rhinestone gel
  • [Easy to Use] - The brush-on nail glue debonder in 30ML Bottle with 2 wooden sticks removal tools, allows for easy and convenient removal of glue on nails or press on nails.
  • [Time Saving and Money Saving] - Removing nail tips with glue remover is more cost-effective than using a nail drill and saves time and effort compared to using a nail file. It is also safer and less irritating than soaking off in acetone or using nail polish remover.
  • [Safe Manicure] - The glue off helps to remove stick on nails, press on nails, or artificial nails in minutes. No need to soak in acetone or spend a long time filing, which prevents damage to the skin around natural nails and avoids rough filing or pulling off false nails.
  • [Warm Tips for the glue remover] 1. Please install the brush first before use 2. After applying the glue remover, there is no need to wait too long for the next step. Just 2-4 seconds and you can continue removing the nail tips.
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  • 🔥 Upgrate Formula with VE: Our product does not contain any acetates or acetone. Enriched with 20% vitamins E. The healthier solution that helps prevent damage to nails & cuticles. NON-DRYING or damage from pulling fake nails off.
  • 🔥 Easy Application: Use the brush to apply a few drops of glue remover to all edges of nails then wait in minutes without pain. After that use the cuticle pusher or wooden stick to nudge the nails , then the press on nails or false nails tips can be easily removed off. *Tips: The tools is NOT included.
  • 🔥 Multi-Functional Nail Glue Remover: This nail glue remover can easily removes press on nails/nail tips/nail polish, sculptured nail forms and nail art.
  • 🔥 NOTICE: Skin Test before using is necessary. Please contact us directly if you have any problem while using. We always keep active to help you solve problems.
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  • Instant Remove: Makartt nail glue remover helps you instant remove fake nails,nail tips and nail polish without soaking in acetone or damage from pulling fake nails off. Tips:This nail glue debonder can remove nail polish ,but can't remove gel nail polish
  • Gentle Remove: Makartt nail glue remover is gentle on natural nails, which can instantly dissolve nail glue without any pain and irritation,then you can gently nudge off your fake nails.
  • Safety Ingredients: This false nails remover is made of organic solvent, without any irritating ingredients or adhesives that can cause natural nail damage, or harm to your health. Tips:The glue remover will let the fake nails become soften,so you can't reuse the fake nails or nail tips anymore.
  • Easy to Use: Apply a few drops of Makartt glue remover to all edges of nails, then use the cuticle pusher or wooden stick to nudge the nails , then the press on nails/ false nails can be easily removed off. Tips:The tools is not included.
  • Acetone Free: If you're concerned about acetone damaging your natural nails and skin, and if you hate waiting while soaking in acetone, this instant fake nail glue remover might be a good choice for you to remove glue from your nails.
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An acetone-based nail polish remover will likely be the best way to get nail glue off your skin. You can use just about any nail polish remover with acetone, but we recommend Super Nail Pure Acetone Polish Remover. Super Nail Pure Acetone Polish Remover is 100% pure acetone, and it will definitely work to get nail glue off your skin. It will work to get most glues off of most surfaces. If you have sensitive or very dry skin, using acetone might not be for you because it can irritate or skin or dry it out very quickly. If you have sensitive or dry skin, you should try the other methods on this list.

How to Get Nail Glue off Skin with Petroleum Jelly

Another effective way of removing nail glue from skin is by using petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly does a great job of removing nail glue without drying out the skin. The best petroleum jelly for the job is Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly. Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly has been the go-to petroleum jelly for a long time and for good reason. Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly is long-lasting and doesn’t dry out, keeping skin gently hydrated and glowing for long periods of time.

How to Get Nail Glue off Skin without Acetone

How to Remove Nail Glue from Skin with Soap and Water

If you act quickly, you can remove nail glue from skin with soap and water while still wet. Or it can work when it is already dry. It will just take a few minutes longer. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and your soap of choice; we recommend Seventh Generation Hand Soap, Free & Clean Unscented for its gentle ingredients. Soak your hand in the soapy water for several minutes while the glue breaks down.

How to Remove Nail Glue from Skin with Lotion

Finally, the last method for removing nail glue from your skin is by using lotion or hand cream. This method works just the same as the petroleum jelly method, except you use lotion or hand cream. If your skin doesn’t react well to acetone or petroleum jelly, then this is the method for you because you can use the hand cream of your choice, but we highly recommend Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream is excellent for sensitive skin and will remove nail glue very well.
There are many different methods for removing nail glue from skin, choosing the best one for you all depends on your skin type and whether or not the glue has dired. You can try more than one of these methods, or even all of them, to find the best one for you.
The acetone method is the most effective when it comes to removing nail glue from skin. But if your skin is too sensitive for that, then the next best would be the petroleum jelly method.
No, Super Nail Pure Acetone Polish Remover is 100% pure acetone and contains no other ingredients.
Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly really doesn’t have an expiration date. Just keep it stored in a cool, dry area and it will last until you finish it.
No, Seventh Generation Hand Soap, Free & Clean Unscented is not a foaming hand wash, so it will be easy to use when removing nail glue with the soap and water method.
No, Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream does not contain any SPF.

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