How to get super glue off your fingers

When super glue gets on your fingers, it can feel like an impossible task to get it off. But never fear; there are several super effective ways to get super glue off fingers without harming your skin. Here is how to get glue off your fingers.

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The best way to get glue off fingers is with acetone. Acetone is excellent for removing super glue from anywhere, including on skin. All you need to do is put some acetone on a cotton ball and press it onto the glue on your finger. Wait a minute or two, and then start rubbing gently until the glue comes off. After that, you can wash your hands. You can use any nail polish remover with acetone you have in your house, but if you need to buy some, we recommend Super Nail Pure Acetone Polish Remover because it is pure acetone. However, do not use this method if you have sensitive skin because it can cause irritation.

How to Get Super Glue of Fingers with Petroleum Jelly

Another effective way to get super glue off fingers is with petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly does a great job of removing super glue without drying out the skin. The best petroleum jelly for the job is Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly. Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly has been the go-to petroleum jelly for a long time and for a good reason. Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly is long-lasting and doesn’t dry out, keeping skin gently hydrated and glowing for long periods of time. Just gently rub the petroleum jelly for a few minutes to break down the glue, and it should come right off.

How to Get Super Glue off Your Fingers

How to Remove Super Glue from Fingers with Soap and Water

Removing super glue from your fingers with soap and water is by far the simplest method. Use warm water and hand soap; we recommend Seventh Generation Hand Soap, Free & Clean Unscented, to wash your hands until the glue softens, then you can gently peel the glue off.

How to Remove Super Glue from Fingers with Lotion

Finally, the last method for removing super glue from your skin is by using lotion or hand cream. This method works just the same as the petroleum jelly method, except you use lotion or hand cream. If your skin doesn’t react well to acetone or petroleum jelly, then this is the method for you because you can use the hand cream of your choice, but we highly recommend Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream is excellent for sensitive skin and will remove super glue very well.
There are a few very effective ways to remove super glue from your fingers; just choose the one that is right for you. You can try more than one method if you need to, but all of them will work just fine.
To remove super glue from your fingers with salt, rub the salt into the glue slowly and constantly until the glue breaks up and scrapes away. After the glue comes off, wash your hands thoroughly.
No, Super Nail Pure Acetone Polish Remover doesn’t have any fragrances or any other additives; it is 100% pure acetone.
Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly really doesn’t have an expiration date. Just keep it stored in a cool, dry area and it will last until you finish it.
No, you can use any handsoap you already have in your house, but Seventh Generation Hand Soap, Free & Clean Unscented is the gentlest on most skin types and will work really well.
No, Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream does not contain any SPF.

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