What is the best glue for doc martens?

Doc Martens are some of the most stylish and highest quality shoes on the market, so it can be a real downer when they break or are worn through. But never fear! There are adhesives out there that are more than up to the challenge of repairing them. Here are the best glues for fixing Doc Martens.

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Doc Martens are durable shoes so they need durable glue when being repaired, especially if it’s the sole, which are pretty heavy-duty in Doc Martens. That’s why the best glue for fixing the soles of Doc Martens is Gear AIid Shoe Repair Glue. Gear AIid Shoe Repair Glue is perfect because it has a strong bonding power that can handle hiking boots and all the wear that comes with those. Gear AIid Shoe Repair Glue dries clear and is flexible rubber, so it won’t crack and break away from the sole like other adhesives might.

Best Glue to Repair Doc Martens Cracked Leather

Should the leather on the sides of your Doc Martens become dry and crack, the best product to handle the job is Aleene’s Leather & Suede Glue. When it comes to fixing cracked leather, especially leather as fine as what Doc Martens uses, there is a whole process that involves other products beyond just as adhesive, so some further research into products is necessary, but Aleene’s Leather & Suede Glue is the best glue to handle the adhesive portion of the repair as it is waterproof so it won’t wear out in poor weather down the road.

How to Repair Cracked Leather on Your Doc Martens

Best Glue for Rubber Doc Martens

Not all Doc Martens are made with the classic leather, there are some made of rubber. If the rubber of your Doc Marten breaks, the best glue for the repair is Boot-Fix Shoe Glue: Professional Grade. This glue is made for rubber work boots and will work spectacularly on rubber Doc Martens with a long-lasting hold.

Best Glue for Doc Martens Sandal Straps

Just like how not all Doc Marten boots are made from leather, not all Doc Martens are boots. They also make sandals and if the strap on your pair of Doc Marten sandals breaks, the best glue for the repair is Shoe Goo. Shoe Goo is black, waterproof, and made to repair leather and rubber work boots, so it will be able to handle a sandal strap like it’s nothing.
The best glue overall for Doc Martens is Gear Aid Shoe Repair Glue. The best adhesive to fix a tear in Doc Martens’ leather is Aleene’s Leather & Suede Glue. The best glue for fixing rubber Doc Martens is Boot-Fix Shoe Glue: Professional Grade. And the best adhesive for Doc Marten sandals is Shoe Goo.
The best way to prolong the life of your Doc Martens and to prevent any damages is to give them a good thorough cleaning about every 3 months or so and lubricate the rubber and leather.
Yes, Aleene’s Leather & Suede Glue will work just as well if the leather is peeling, it really doesn’t make much difference.
Yes, Gear Air Shoe Repair Glue will hold the soles of Doc Martens, but make sure it is given a full cure time of 24 hours after application in order to ensure the strongest bond possible.
Yes, Shoe Goo comes in black, white, and clear, so no matter the color of your Doc Martens, Shoe Goo will blend in seamlessly.
No, Boot-Fix Shoe Glue: Professional Grade is not like super glue because it won’t crack after it dries and will be able to maintain its flexibility and move with your feet and resist the elements better than super glue would be able to because it is specifically designed for shoes.

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