What is the best moldable glue?

Sometimes we need a glue that can be molded into a specific shape, whether to fit into somewhere awkward or to hang things on a wall without drilling holes. For those projects, moldable glue works better than any other type of adhesive. But which ones are the best? Here are the best moldable glues.

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Bestseller No. 1
Sugru Moldable Glue - Multi-Purpose Glue for Creative Fixing and Making - Black 3-Pack
  • GREAT for repairing, bonding, sealing, reinforcing, mounting without drilling, handicrafts and many other DIY ideas
  • NO MESS: non-runny, non-toxic formula for quick and easy application (indoor & outdoor)
  • VERSATILE: waterproof, heat and cold resistant, durable, removable and electrically insulating up to 24v
  • STRONG: holds up to 4.4 lb on glass, ceramics, wood, metal, plaster, most plastics and fabrics (and more)
  • Contains 3 x 3.5 g (0.12 oz) single-use packs of Sugru by tesa in Black
SaleBestseller No. 2
Epoxy Putty Stick, XUDOAI Moldable Epoxy Glue for Crack Damage Fixing Filling or Sealing. Fast Permanent Repair for Metal, Glass, Wood, Plastic, Ceramics & Other Surfaces
  • ✔Use to seal pipes, fix leaks in tanks and drains, repair appliances, tools, furniture, toys, automotive parts, pools and cracks in concrete.
  • ✔Bonds to a range of materials, including metal, wood, glass, ceramic, fiberglass, stone, marble and many rigid plastics.
  • ✔Easy to use: Simply cut, hand knead until color become uniform and apply to damaged area then all you do is let It dry.
  • ✔0-10 minutes: Mixing time, finish kneading and use. 10minutes-24 hours: curing time, the hardness increases rapidly. After 24 hours: completely hardened and permanently fixed.
  • ✔Please use within a year, after use can be permanently fixed. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us, we will reply to you at the first time.
Bestseller No. 3
Next by Danco 10984 | Renew-It Pocket Sized Reusable Moldable Plastic Form Card| Multi-Purpose Meltable Plastic | Moldable Glue | Repair, Make, Mend DIY Projects | Black, Gray White | 3 Pack
  • STRONG & MOLDEABLE- Acts like clay when warm but is as strong as plastic once cooled. The moldable plastic cards are strong like nylon, not rubbery, so they can be used for long lasting solutions.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE - Use for crafting, odd jobs around the house, or making props and prototypes: The only limit to using it is your imagination! Perfect for all DIY and craft projects, or repairs and fixtures. This is a permanent solution, not just a quick fix! Keep one in your wallet, toolbox or kitchen drawer so that it's always around when you need to fix something.
  • REUSABLE – Renew-It is reusable, so if you don't like what you've made, or if you're finished with something you've made you can just melt it back down again and again.
  • HEAT, MOLD, & USE WITHIN MINUTES! - When the moldable plastic cools, it is ready to use, so you can fix things quickly in emergency situations, like when a handle breaks on a tool, or a button falls off your jacket. You can create custom grips for easy use or repair products you use every day.
  • TIPS FOR USE: Heating or sanding of mating surface may strength adhesion. CAUTION: When removing Renew.It from the water the plastic will be very hot.
Bestseller No. 4
E/FUSING 900 Moldable Silicone Putty
  • Made in USA
  • Mold into pinhole leaks on pipelines to assist in leak sealing
  • Use E/Fusing 140 or E/Fusing 330 to wrap and reinforce seal
  • Package weight of the Product: 2.65 Ounces
Bestseller No. 5
Visbella Epoxy Putty Stick Moldable Epoxy Glue for Crack Damage Fixing Filling or Sealing Fast Permanent Repair for Metal Glass Wood Plastic Ceramics & Other Surfaces
  • Epoxy Putty is a fast setting, industrial strength compound that enables permanent repairs to anything made of steel or other metals.
  • 【Application】Bonding metal,glass,ceramic,wood,many rigid plastics,china,tile,fiberglass,concrete and stone.Can be combined with fiberglass cloth for a durable patch.
  • It does not shrink and is resistant to most common solvents.It can be sanded, drilled and painted after 60 minutes.
  • Each stick of putty contains pre-measured portions of resin and hardener throughout therefore no measuring or mixing tools are necessary.
  • Both components react to produce a hard, tough, permanent and waterproof bond on a wide range of materials.
Overall, the best moldable glue is Sugru Moldable Multi-Purpose Glue. Sugru Moldable Multi-Purpose Glue is a non-toxic and mess-free adhesive that can be used for everything from repairs to mounting without drilling to reinforcing to sealing with ease. Moldable into any shape you can think of, Sugru Moldable Multi-Purpose Glue can adhere to a variety of materials, including rubber, fabric, glass, metal, paper, wood, brick, plastic, concrete, and more. Sugru Moldable Multi-Purpose Glue is waterproof, resistant to heat and cold, electrically insulative, and removable.

Best Reusable Moldable Glue

The best reusable moldable glue is Duck Brand Reusable and Removable Poster Putty. Duck Brand Reusable and Removable Poster Putty is a perfect replacement for hanging decorations on the wall without the need for drilling. Duck Brand Reusable and Removable Poster Putty can adhere to a lot more than just posters, though, bonding with wood, glass, tile, linoleum, brick, cinder blocks, plastic, porcelain, metal, mirrors, and more. It even has the ability to hold up to 1lb.

How to Use Moldable Glue

Best Low-Residue Moldable Glue

Gorilla Removable Mounting Putty is the best low-residue moldable glue. Almost every moldable glue is removable, but not all of them are removed very cleanly. Gorilla Removable Mounting Putty is different in that there is very low-residue when it is removed, which makes the cleaning process much more manageable. Gorilla Removable Mounting Putty will bond with paper, wood, glass, tile, painted walls, paper, plastic, and more, and it can even hold up to 2lbs, which is twice what most of its competitors can hold.

Best Moldable Glue for Glass

The best moldable glue for glass is Loctite Home and Office Fun-Tak. Like many Loctite products, Loctite Home and Office Fun-Tak is excellent when used on glass, no matter the type. Loctite Home and Office Fun-Tak will also bond well with mirrors, metal, plastic, wood, brick, tile, and linoleum. Loctite Home and Office Fun-Tak can hold up to 1lb and can be used in all manner of home, office, or school applications as it is safe for children to use (though do keep it out of reach of any children who may fancy it is a snack).
The best overall moldable glue is Sugru Moldable Multi-Purpose Glue. The best reusable moldable glue is Duck Brand Reusable and Removable Poster Putty. The best low-residue moldable glue is Gorilla Removable Mounting Putty. And the best moldable glue for glass is Loctite Home and Office Fun-Tak.
No, moldable glues are generally not permanent because they are generally putty, which makes them dry out over time.
Sugru Moldable Multi-Purpose Glue can insulate up to 24 volts. No more, or it will melt and ruin your electronics.
No, Duck Brand Poster Putty is not a permanent adhesive. Eventually, the putty will dry out, and either need to be replaced or the decorations removed altogether.
Gorilla Removable Mounting Putty has a shelf life of 2 years after the manufacture date. To get the most extended use out of your Gorilla Removable Mounting Putty, put it in a ziplock bag after you open it and squeeze out all the air, so it doesn’t dry out.
Loctite Home and Office Fun-Tak comes with 80 removable and non-toxic tabs.

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