What is the best UV glue?

UV glues are pretty incredible. The special lights used in UV glues allow for them to cure completely in a matter of seconds, making them some of the fastest and strongest glues on the market. But how do you know which UV glue is best for your project? Let’s find out. Here are the best UV glues.

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Bestseller No. 1
EDSRDXS UV Bonding & Welding Glue Combo Kit,Three Best Bonding Function UV Glue Kit with Light, Versatile for Repairs, Crafting, and Bonding (3pack)
  • Versatile UV Glue Combo Kit: This UV glue combo kit includes three top-rated UV glues, each with a capacity of 1/3oz (10ml), and comes with a UV light. It offers a wide range of applications, suitable for welding plastic, figurines, glass, ceramic, metal, wood, leather, vinyl, Kevlar, and more, making it perfect for fixing phone chargers, children's broken toys, jewelry, glasses, your favorite pair of shoes, or surfboards.
  • Cost-effective: By purchasing this combo kit, you can obtain three different types of UV glues and a UV light at a more favorable price compared to buying them individually, saving you costs.
  • Convenience: The combo kit combines multiple glues and a UV light in one package, allowing you to get all the necessary materials at once without searching and buying them separately, saving you shopping time and effort.
  • Multi-purpose: Each glue is specially designed for various materials and applications, suitable for plastics, glass, ceramics, metal, wood, and more, as well as repair, crafting, filling, and other scenarios. This makes the combo kit an indispensable multifunctional tool for home, studio, and small businesses.
  • Professional Choice: With three different types of glues included, you can choose the most suitable one for your specific needs and projects, demonstrating your professional selection and attention. Additionally, this combo kit serves as an excellent representation of your brand, showcasing your professional choices and commitment.
SaleBestseller No. 2
UV Resin, 2 PCS Upgrade Ultraviolet Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Hard Glue Solar Cure Sunlight Activated Resin for Handmade Jewelry, DIY Craft Decoration, Casting and Coating(200g)
  • 💦【Higher Efficiency】Simple operation, UV resin can be used directly without modulation; Curing time is very short, you will complete your handicrafts after irradiate under UV lamp for 2-4 minutes.
  • 💦【Safe & Premium】Made of premium materials, good transparency and no impurities; has strong stain resistance and anti-yellowing, self-leveling and self-degassing properties can be cured more smoothly(a little odor before curing)
  • 💦【Easy to Store & Use】Comes with 2 bottles of solar cure resin(each 100g), which is more conducive to your storage; Ours is easier to squeeze and use the remaining resin at the bottom of the bottle than round bottles
  • 💦【Wide Application】Can be mixed with glitter, sequins, colorants to create more brilliant colors; Suitable for jewelry making, mobile phone case, craft ornaments, small molds, casting and coating, resin painting, etc.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Bondic UV Liquid Plastic Welder, Super Glue, Cures Quickly, UV Resin Kit with Light for Home, Plastic, Jewelry (LED Light & Liquid Cartridge in a Tin Case)
  • BOND ANY MATERIALS IN SECONDS - Our Bondic UV welding glue kit gives you the ability to bond a wide range of materials like plastic, fabric, metal, rubber, and wood. This is great for fixing anything from jewelry, toys and glasses to larger objects like instruments and furniture.
  • STAYS LIQUID UNTIL CURED - Unlike traditional glue, Bondic stays liquid until cured by UV light, meaning it will never dry out in the container and there’s no risk of the resin sticking to your skin and clothes. You’ll be able to mold and shape Bondic before setting for a permanent bond, fill or weld - something ordinary glue can never accomplish.
  • UNMATCHED DURABILITY - Once cured, Bondic's non-toxic adhesive epoxy is 100% waterproof, heat-resistant, and dries clear. You can even sand and paint over it for a seamless finish.
  • ON-THE-GO REPAIR KIT - Bondic's epoxy resin kit includes a tube of UV resin glue, compact UV LED light, and a convenient travel case, making it great for repairs to jewelry, glasses, figurines, phone chargers, and more while on the move.
Bestseller No. 4
LET'S RESIN UV Resin Kit with Light, Bonding&Curing in Seconds, 25g UV Resin Kit with UV Flashlight for Welding, Jewelry UV Glue Adhesive for Plastic Repair, Glass Light, Craft Decor
  • Bonded UV Resin Kit Cured in 5-10 Seconds: LET'S RESIN UV resin for bonding has low viscosity(refer to fluency), strong adhesive, UV curable, odorless&high transparency after curing. Compared with other UV resin, it cures rapidly under the irradiation of a UV flashlight.
  • Perfect Art Adhesive: Compared with traditional glue, LET'S RESIN bonding UV resin kit keeps liquid state before curing with UV flashlight, which is convenient for you to modify and shape. Provide more perfect glue for your artistic creation.
  • Strong UV Resin Adhesive Tool: It can bond small ornaments with transparent objects such as resin, glass, acrylic, etc., and can also be used for welding between glass, metal and plastic. It is recommended that at least one of the two objects should be transparent for better curing.
  • Easy to Use & Carry: Properly install the battery of the UV flashlight, and fix the object while the UV flashlight for irradiation and curing. UV flashlight has high energy and is easy to carry.
  • Why Choose Us: With years of experience in epoxy resin, LET'S RESIN is committed to providing craft enthusiasts with tools and materials to turn imagination into reality. Strictly control product quality and attach great importance to the consumer experience. UV cure resin has a 1-year shelf life, please read the manual carefully before use. If you have any problems, please contact us. We will do our best to solve it for you.
Bestseller No. 5
Bondic GO UV Glue Kit with Light, Super Glue, Liquid Plastic Welding Kit, (3ml) Adhesive Epoxy UV Glue, Bonds & Cures Instantly, Non-Toxic UV Resin Glue, Heat-Resistant & Waterproof, 1PK
  • FIX VIRTUALLY ANYTHING IN 4 SECONDS. Our UV welding glue kit allows you to bond any plastic, fabric, metal, rubber and wood materials together. Simply place the liquid plastic wherever it’s needed and it hardens in just 4 seconds once exposed to the included UV light.
  • STAYS LIQUID UNTIL YOU DECIDE TO SET IT. Bondic is a liquid plastic welder that stays liquid until you cure it with the included UV light. This means you can mold and shape the material before setting to bond, fill and weld in ways that regular glue simply can’t achieve.
  • AVOID THE HASSLES OF ORDINARY GLUE. Tired of ordinary super-glue drying out in the container or sticking to your fingers and clothes? Luckily Bondic’s plastic repair kit stays liquid until cured by UV light, meaning it will never dry out in the container or adhere to any material until you decide it’s time.
  • INCREDIBLY DURABLE ADHESIVE. When fully cured, Bondic’s non-toxic adhesive epoxy is 100% waterproof, heat-resistant and dries clear. You can even sand and/or paint over it after it’s hardened!
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR RESCUE REPAIRS. Our Bondic Go 1-pack kit comes with everything you need for on-the-go repairs. A compact ultraviolet light is included along with a convenient travel case that houses the liquid plastic cartridge.
The overall best UV glue is Loctite Light Cure Adhesive. Loctite Light Cure Adhesive is a favorite among professional applications because of its incredible strength and lightning-fast curing time when exposed to UV light. Loctite Light Cure Adhesive bonds with plastic, metal, and glass and works well for both home and industrial applications. Loctite Light Cure Adhesive does not come with a UV light, however, so one would need to be purchased separately. And on top of everything, it dries completely clear, so it will be able to blend in with its surroundings without any problems.

Best UV Glue for Jewelry

The best UV glue for jewelry is Limino UV Resin. Limino UV Resin is the perfect UV glue for jewelry making because it dries completely crystal clear, almost like glass, and is resistant to yellowing, staining, and scratching over time, allowing your designs to look as beautiful after 10 years as they did on day 1. Limino UV Resin doesn’t require any mixing, it is self-leveling and self-degassing, and is completely non-toxic, making it a great product to use with kids on their own projects.

How to Use UV Glue

Best Gap-Filling UV Glue

If you need a UV glue for the purposes of filling gaps, the best one for the job is Damn Good UV Glue Plastic Weld/ Damn Good UV Glue Plastic Weld can bond, fill, or repair just about anything made from plastic, wood, metals, glass, and more.

Best UV Glue for Glass

The best UV adhesive for glass is CRL UV Adhesive. CRL UV Adhesive cures completely un glass in just a few seconds when exposed to the UV light and is so clear you can hardly tell there’s any adhesive on glass. CRL UV Adhesive can be used to bond all different types of glass, including tempered glass, and can even be used to bond glass to glass. It keeps its elasticity after fully curing and can also be used on other materials like steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and most plastics.
The best overall UV glue is Loctite Light Cure Adhesive. The best UV glue for jewelry is Limino UV Resin. The best gap-filling UV glue is Damn Good UV Glue Plastic Weld. And the best UV glue for glass is CRL UV Adhesive.
Yes, direct sunlight can absolutely be used to cure UV glue, but it won’t cure as instantaneously as a UV light will be able to.
Yes, after it has fully cured, Loctite Light Cure Adhesive is completely dishwasher safe.
Yes, Limino UV Resin does shrink a bit, but nothing super significant that you should worry about. You can add just slightly more than you need when applying it and it should turn out the perfect amount.
If stored properly in a cool and dry place, Damn Good UV Glue Plastic Weld will last a year unopened and a bit less after it is opened.
Yes, CRL UV Adhesive will work on an aquarium, however, it does not have gap-filling capabilities, so the glass will have to be flush together.

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