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About Gluereview

Hello and welcome to GlueReview!

Sometimes, it’s hard to know exactly what glue product is right for your situation.

Have you ever seen the marketing from adhesive companies? Sheesh… they make it sound like their glue could stick the earth to the moon! I should know, I used to produce those advertisements!

I’m your friendly neighborhood website editor and resident glue expert, here to give you the honest truth about glues and adhesives of all types. 

The adhesives companies may disagree, but superglue will NOT stick plastic together, you CAN’T build an aquarium with CA glue, and just because you could repair a shoe with PVA glue, doesn’t mean you should.

My name is Bill Wyatt and this is my site where you will find tips, advice and information about all things glue related. After 50 years in glue industry (now happily retired) this is my way of keeping busy and hopefully providing you with useful information while passing on some of my knowledge.

I hope you find something useful here – if you have any questions please feel free to contact me through the contact page!

What is GlueReview?

Glue Review is the personal blog of Bill Wyatt (that’s me)

Even though this is mostly just a hobby to keep me occupied in my retirement, I do aim to provide the best possible advice for you, and I hope you find it useful!

On my blog, you can find:

  • Tips and advice
  • Information about all different kinds of glue and adhesive
  • Guides on gluing obscure materials
  • How-to guides for common household repairs
  • Glue safety advice
  • Reviews of individual glues
  • Industry news
Bill Wyatt - Glue Review editor
Bill Wyatt, editor

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I hope you find my insight valuable, the aim is to help you to find the correct product, help or advice you need.