5 Hilarious Glue Prank Ideas

Check out these hilarious pranks involving all different types of glue!

Glue Prank Ideas

Some pranks are as old as time, I remember gluing coins to the ground 50 years ago, it was funny then and still is, but times have moved on! 

Check out these hilarious prank ideas involving today’s glue products, and be sure to check the one at the end to see why you should NEVER use superglue for a prank.

#5: Glue a jar lid closed and ask someone to open it for you

This prank is as old as time. Seal a jar or bottle closed with glue and give it to someone to open. 

A funny and harmless prank, the only damage is to the victim’s ego!

#4: Stick a fake spider somewhere to scare someone

If you have a friend who hates spiders, this prank will be a fun way to scare them!

Use a little bit of glue to stick a fake plastic or paper spider to the roof, or on top of a door, or somewhere they will see it suddenly, like in a fridge or cupboard.

Make sure to use a PVA school glue so it doesn’t form a permanent bond and can be easily cleared up with plain water.

#3: Create a Fake Spill prank prop

You can create a fake spill using simple household ingredients and an old cup or bottle.

It makes a great prank or a cool desktop ornament.

There are two ways to make it, either using simple school glue or by using a two-part epoxy.

#2: Googly Eyes prank

A harmless prank with funny googly eyes. Stick them on things to frustrate the person who keeps finding them!

Make sure to use a food-safe and non-toxic glue like Elmer’s School Glue if you’re using it near food.

#1: Stick a coin to the floor!

Everyone knows this prank, but it’s still unexpected and hilarious when it happens

The one type of prank you should never do:

Harmless pranks are funny, but some pranks are serious and can cause injury.

You should NEVER use superglue in any prank where it could stick to someone.

Superglue is not easy to remove, and you might end up injuring someone. Especially if you do something where you don’t know who it will affect, like gluing a door handle or a toilet seat, it could end up being an elderly person or a child you end up injuring.

Don’t be mean, try some of the harmless pranks listed above instead. 


I hope you enjoyed this list. Try some of the harmless pranks with glue, just be careful not to do anything that might hurt someone.

If you have any other ideas, let me know so I can add them to the list!

Thanks for reading!